• Light and easy to handle, store and dispose of at home.
  • Great for small leaks, drips and spills at home.
  • Impermeable side lets you use it as an absorbent lining in bags or suitcases.
  • Colour-coded (blue) impermeable side makes effective deployment easy.
  • Keep a stock handy to preempt leaks or flooding.

From our budget, non-woven range, the Dripeez has an impermeable side. It can be used to absorb small spills and catch drips, and for lining luggage or packaging to protect against leaking drink bottles or other containers. It can take small amounts of fluids which are more viscous than water.

Please note Absorbeez products, as with all water-absorbent bags on the market, are not suitable for use with seawater.

Absorbent Capacity
US Pint 3.1
litres 1.5
Bags in Pack
No. 30
Inches 14 x 9
Millimetres 240 x 370

Dripeez - Drips (Pack of 30)

  • Brand: Absorbeez
  • Product Code: FP 30
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $21.98

Tags: Budget, Disposable, Drips