• Light and easy to handle, store and dispose of at home.
  • Great for small leaks and spills at home.
  • Collects condensation and water from fridge or freezer defrosting, without absorbent material spilling out of the ends of the pad.
  • Excellent for catching condensation in your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Make sure you have some ready to preempt flooding or leaks.

From our budget non-woven range, Strips are purpose-designed to be used in fridge defrosting and come with heat-sealed ends to prevent leakage of core material. They are also excellent as a cheap alternative for absorbing small spills or for absorbing condensation from windows or in your bathroom.

Please note that Absorbeez products, as with all water-absorbent bags on the market, are not suitable for use with seawater.

Absorbent Capacity
US Pint 4.2
litres 2
Bags in Pack
No. 20
Inches 27 x 4
Millimetres 680 x 110

Strips - Condensation (Pack of 20)

  • Brand: Absorbeez
  • Product Code: PPNW 20
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  • $27.72

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