• Corrugated arrangement of core material gives maximum stability when stacked like bricks in a wall, across a warehouse door, front drive, patio or larger space.
  • Colour-coded pads make it easy for you to arrange the pads so that they fit together securely.
  • Lightweight before absorption and easy for you to handle, store and dispose of at home.
  • Rip, drip and burst-resistant, hand-stitched covering, giving you the most durable and robust solution.
  • Make sure you have a stock ready in case of sudden leaks or flooding.

From our unique woven range, Stackas have a corrugated arrangement of core material which lets the bags fit together like bricks in a wall once the bags are full. This makes the Stacka a more stable alternative for the building of larger flood-defence walls or for protection against higher water levels or a faster flow. They come in a pack of two with one white pad and one black pad to facilitate easy visual arrangement of the pads.

Please note that Absorbeez products, as with all water-absorbent bags on the market, are unsuitable for use with seawater.

Absorbent Capacity
US Pint 46.5
litres 22
Bags in Pack
No. 2
Inches 39 x 12
Millimetres 1000 x 300
Height when Full
Centimeters 12

Stacka - Build a Barrier (Pack of 2)

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